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Student's First Serials

Please join us each week in celebrating our students as they write new chapters of our district's story through their eyes.  Schools will rotate throughout the year having students share.  We hope you enjoy this new adventure!


Chapter 1: The best part about coming back to school

By Ethan

The return to school has always been a bit melancholy for me but every year despite my best efforts I find myself being excited to start this next chapter of my life. Though seeing summer fade is always a sad moment, there are so many things to look forward to in a new school year. You get the chance to see your friends again, start new classes, and get back into sports. All of which are exciting things to look forward to but for me personally getting back into sports and competition has got to be the best part of coming back to school.


By Grace

Have you ever wanted to come back to school after summer break was  over? Well I have and I will tell you why. First, if you never go to school you will never be smart. For example if nobody comes to school, nobody in the world would be smart to do their job right. Then we wouldn’t have houses or food. I know some kids don’t like school but you can make new friends. If you're the only child you don’t have anybody to play with and school is the right place. Also you can have recess that's plenty of exercise and we have PE  every day so that also good for you to keep your body in shape. Next, some parents are at work all day so nobody can watch you. School is like daycare. Last but not least my favorite thing about coming back to school is seeing my friends. What is your favorite thing about coming back to school?