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Student's First Serials

Please join us each week in celebrating our students as they write new chapters of our district's story through their eyes.  Schools will rotate throughout the year having students share.  We hope you enjoy this new adventure!

Chapter 5: Something you learned or accomplished this year

By Jasmin - PBHS Valedictorian


Something that I learned this year was how important it is to take care of your health. It may not seem like a big deal at first but it can start to get in the way of everyday life if it’s not a priority. Life is a gift and not something to be taken lightly. 


By Jordan - BHS Valedictorian

I pursued obstacles and embraced growth. I learned to create building blocks for a path to success. Learning I’m capable of more than I thought.


what I learned




By Macie

Two things that I learned and accomplished are multiplication and division.

The first thing I accomplished was multiplication. I was able to accomplish multiplication because of my teacher, Mrs. Loyd. She taught me strategies for multiplication. The first strategy she taught me was skip counting. When you are multiplying 9 times 3 you can say 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21,  27 stop. And so you would get the correct answer. Another strategy I leaned was for nines. So let's pretend you were going to multiply 9 and 9. You would put up your hands and count 9. Put the ninth finger down and that would separate the tens and ones.

The final thing I accomplished was division. The strategy I use is that division is the opposite of multiplication. So mostly all you have to do is ask yourself what times this is this? The last strategy I learned was you can time yourself for five minutes and you will be in such a hurry you won't forget the facts.

In conclusion, these are some things that I accomplished this year: division and multiplication. And I couldn't have done it without my teacher, Mrs. Loyd.


By Bennet

This year, I accomplished a lot of things but the main thing in my mind is definitely when I finally finished division on XtraMath. XtraMath is something that my whole class does and it just tests you on addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. Anyway, I think that that was my biggest accomplishment this school year because in order to pass a skill, you have to get all problems up to 12 and I did that in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In conclusion, that is why I think that passing every skill on XtraMath was my hardest goal achieved in 3rd grade.


Chapter 4: I appreciate my teacher(s) because...

By Cash

I appreciate my teacher because she is loving. She is not mean and she doesn't get mad at me. She helps my brain and she is fun because she plays games with us and it is so fun to play games with her. She makes me excited every day and she encourages me when I get sad in classes. She is also thoughtful every day. I always learn something new every single day. When I'm in her class she is also funny and sometimes she makes me laugh. She's the best gift I could have and I could ever have. That's why I love my teacher.


By Maximiliano

I appreciate my teachers because they are fun and caring. I also appreciate my teacher because we do booklets and kahoots. Our math teacher taught us about measures of center, data, area, and more! I also like how the teachers teach the class and how they help when someone needs help. Another reason why I appreciate my teachers is because they teach us valuable stuff. Another teacher I appreciate is my P.E. teacher because he lets us do fun games like kickball, baseball, and freeze tag. Sometimes when we do a lot of work in my teacher’s class, she lets us do free time. My music teacher is a teacher I appreciate because she brought us to the music festival and she teaches us. I may have not mentioned all of my teachers but I certainly appreciate all of them equally. These are the reasons I appreciate all of my teachers.


By Soriah

I appreciate my teachers for many reasons. To start off I may not always want to be here but they help make learning fun. All of the teachers in the school and the world have a lot of strength, as teaching kids is a lot of work. I am also very appreciative because they are very workable, and help when you don't understand something. You can go to almost any teacher and they will be willing to help give you advice, and or help you with work. Another reason I am very grateful for the teachers is because they take their personal time, lunch break, at home with family, and holidays to get our work graded. When looking at all the things my teachers have done for me I know that I would not be where I am at right now without all the advice I have gotten from them. Sometimes the kids don't understand what or why we have to do something, but they always encourage us and tell us in a kind voice. I love how the teachers are always willing to have a shoulder to lean on , and how they are willing to actually help you in the hard times. I am especially grateful for Zanderson. He has helped me push myself to the things that I never thought I could do. I used to be horrible at math and would go home crying and stressed everyday not understanding how to do it. He has really helped me learn and pushed me. These are just a couple of reasons why I am grateful for my teachers.


By Tuf 

There are many reasons why I appreciate my teachers. One reason why I appreciate my teachers is that Some of them are my coaches and I can learn from them on and off the field. Another reason why I appreciate teachers is that they are very hardworking. They take the time and years of going to college then have to stay up all night to get assignments graded and returned to students. My last reason why I appreciate them is because they are good role models. In my few years of junior high I learned a lot from teachers mentally and how they direct people on their journeys through life.


By Makenzie

I appreciate my teachers because  they challenge my mind with the things they teach me. They do this and help me when I need it the most, they also help me when I am least expecting it. I also appreciate my teachers, because the rules that they have and the expectations they have for us. If we did not have the expectations or rules, this place would be chaos.


By Avery 

I appreciate my teachers because they all help us become better students, kids, athletes and people. All of them care about us deeply and I truly believe that any of them would go above and beyond to help me succeed. They have immense patience and students, me included, don't tell teachers the positive impact they have on us each day.


By Amber

I appreciate my teachers because they do so much for us. They spend their time making assignments, grading our work, and helping us when we need it. Not many people are up for that kind of challenge, especially since they have to deal with so many different students all day. The fact that they can even remember all of our names is more than I could ever do. My teachers make sure that no student is left behind and everyone understands what's going on in the classroom. Their patience for some of us is remarkable. People don't become teachers because of the money or opportunities, they become teachers because that's what they want to do, and that just makes them even better.


By Abby 

I appreciate my teachers because they are very understanding when it comes to how I function, they believe in me and give me to motivation that I can do good, they help me become a better person, they help me obtain knowledge that will be useful to me in the real world, they listen to me when I'm down or need someone to talk to. My teachers do an amazing job of making sure I succeed in school and making sure that I can grow to my full potential.


By Various Students

I appreciate my teachers because:

  • they put in their time, effort and knowledge into educating the masses with very limited pay;
  • they are respectful, nice, kind and smart;
  • they are always there when you need something;
  • they are some of my biggest supporters and are getting me on track for a successful life;
  • they are productive, they keep us engaged and challenged and they put up with us and our attitudes;
  • they help me learn and understand things in easier ways to make it fun;
  • they show up through the imperfect conditions;
  • they teach me information and lessons I need to know to live a good life;
  • every teacher has a good attitude;
  • they are fun to be around, always keep us learning and can make our day better;
  • they treat us like part of a big family;
  • they see potential in all of their students and go above and beyond to help all of their students through everything;
  • they put in a lot of hard work just for us students;
  • they care about what is happening in our lives;
  • they always listen to what I have to say and give me great advice;
  • they are caring, concerned and more willing to help here at LCSD#2 than anywhere I have ever been.



By Levi

I appreciate my teacher because she does fun activities like Harry Potter and Blooket with us. She is also really good at math and it's my favorite subject.


By Conner

I appreciate my teacher because she's very kind. She teaches us slowly so we can learn quickly. She is wonderful in many ways but that's the first one.


By Hyde

I appreciate my teacher because she always let me have drawings with my writing. Because she knows I am a great drawer and she knows I like to draw. She is also fair and doesn't let anyone miss out on stuff.


By Shelby

I appreciate my teachers because they ignite the flame of curiosity in me. Shaping, not just my academic journey, but also my growth as a person.


By Kystin

I appreciate my teacher because she is nice and she helps you understand things when you don't get it. She will give you candy when you do good on your work. She allows you to earn classroom cash when you get a 4 or a 3.5 and then you can purchase things you want like extra recess or lunch with friends in the room. Also she allows us to earn stars in our bucket. When we get a half full bucket, we earn a pajama party and a movie (it's a really big bucket). She will invite you to Friday school if you are having trouble with something. That is why I appreciate my teacher.


Chapter 3: New Years Resolution -or- The Best Thing About This Time of Year


By Various students

My favorite part of this time of year is basketball because it is my favorite sport and there is regionals and state; there are no sports for me right now; summer break; camping over break; art because I love painting; state wrestling; fishing over the summer with my dad; summer time because it is nice out and I get to go swimming and not go to school; the holidays and sleeping in on the weekends; because I love my schedule  and calving season; because it is closer to the end of the school year and closer to summer break when I can have more time for drawing and painting; I like that there are longer days; I like the weather getting warmer but there is still a little bit of cold; and Spring time because of all the rabbits, frogs, snakes and all the other catchable animals are out of their dens.



By Adelynn

My New Year's resolution was to get better at math. I am working toward completing this resolution by trying to pay more attention in math class.


By Amelia

My New Year's resolution was to shoot my first deer. I completed my goal on January 1st this year.


By Evy

In my opinion, this time of year is the best time of year because it marks the halfway point in the school year. You can view it as both a glass half-full and half-empty kind of situation. The school year being halfway done makes me feel a sense of pride for all the work and things I’ve accomplished this far in the school year. Usually, I would feel a sense of relief that the year is nearly over. This year, however, has been different because next year I will be a senior. I’ve been worrying about things like my future, scholarships, ACT, and colleges. Even through all that stress, I still feel kind of sad that my high school career is almost done, but it also feels like a new beginning or a fresh start, like New Years. For most, New Years involves resolutions and promises to do things differently throughout the year. I have never really taken part in this tradition, but if I had to come up with a resolution it would be about enjoying life and living in the moment. Sometimes I feel like I worry so much about the future that I kind of miss out on what is happening now. Regardless, I am thankful for this time of year. This includes everything I have and the people in my life.


By Cole

For 2024 I have several New Year resolutions. I want to exercise more and practice my multiplication facts a lot.

The first resolution is exercising. I want to exercise by running more and longer. I can do that by going on my treadmill every day I can go on it. I want to do this for at least 2 months. I can also do more push ups. I can do that by just practicing every day. I want to do this for four months. This is why I want to exercise.

The second thing I want to accomplish is to do my multiplication. I can do this by practicing it a lot. Also I want to do 1 through 12 or more with multiplication. I also want to do multiplication faster.

These are the resolutions I want to accomplish by 2025.


By Tavin

I'm going to tell you about my New Year's Resolution. First, I plan to be better at my math facts. We do an Otter  Creek worksheet for math and we need to do multiplication facts really fast. I want to get 107 multiplication facts right in two minutes on a website called Mr. Nussbaum. So far, I've gotten 74 multiplication facts right in two minutes on Mr. Nussbaum.

My second resolution is to work out more. I want to stay strong and I also want to eat healthy. I want to exercise more so I can run faster. I want to lift weights to be stronger.

My last resolution is to read more. I want to be smarter so I can be better at school. I also want to read more because I can learn more and I can keep my grades up at school.


By Various students

My new year's resolution is to be nicer, to work out in the gym more, to run more, to bring up my grades and eat less, to get a cat on my birthday, to work harder in my sports and to not get hurt as much,  to get faster at running or get better at Fortnite, to be more confident, to win state or at least place at state wrestling, win state volleyball, to improve myself and win in wrestling, to learn at least one entire song on guitar, to complete all of my work on time so that I don't fail, to restore my truck, to get more sleep, tener buenas notas, aprender ingles y pasar 9th grado, to study hard so I can pass my tests with good grades, to work out and have a glow up, to become a better mentor to my brother, to live my life to the fullest, to take over the world and eat dino nuggets, to be a better person to everyone, to help people in my community with anything they need, to not drink any soda, to not fight with people, to grow into the person I want to be when I am older, to stop procrastinating on my homework, to read more, to save up more money, to get taller, to be on time, to be smarter, to spend less time on my phone, and to not let other people tell me who I am and what I should be or let them determine my happiness.


By Jesslyn

My new year's resolution is to help others be better themselves.


By Dante

My new year's resolution is to hydrate better so I can live, to exercise more to get strong and take care of a new salamander.


By Derek

My new year's resolution is to build a better fort.


By Addi

My new year's resolution is to be a better and nicer sibling and daughter. Also I'd like to get a dog.


By Jack

I am Jack and my new year's resolution is to have fun with family, be good in school, and not play video games.


By Will

My favorite things about this time of year are playing with my friends and family, opening presents on Christmas and decorating my house and tree. I like decorating the hallways at school too. I also like the snow. I think this year we will have like 2 or 4 feet of snow on Christmas, but I bet it is 2 feet. 


By Travis

My favorite things about this time of year are all the decorations, presents and all the fun stuff. I also like the snow. All of those things make the holidays more fun and get me hyped up. My favorite thing about Christmas is getting up early and opening all the presents. It is also hectic. 


By Isaiah

This time of year is the best time of year mainly because of Christmas. It's a time of year when you get to celebrate and be with your family. Plus you get to experience and see the snow. Who doesn't love the snow? But it just allows you to have a time of giving and cherish the moments you have with your family, especially if you don't see them too often. Plus you get gifts. Who doesn't love gifts? But I also think it's the best because the seasons change. It almost gives you a calm and relaxing feeling to end the year with. 


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Chapter 2: What I am thankful for

By Riley

I am thankful for farming with my dad. It is fun. We see deer and antelope and bunnies and cows and snakes. I am thankful for gardens and corn, and skwosh and because they are sweet. Farm cuchry it is fun. We disk and plant and harvest corn and wheat and sunflowers. My sister is nuts and silly. She loves loves loves horses but small horses. My brother ceps me company. My family is owas rockin!


By Lucero

I am thankful for family. Firstly, I am thankful for my family because without them I would not be anywhere in life without them. Secondly, I am thankful for my family because they support me in everything I do, like sports and activities. Another reason I am thankful for my family is because my mom, dad and sometimes older sister cook me food when I am hungry which I appreciate since I know that they might have had a hard day at either school or work but still take time away from themselves to cook dinner or food in general for me. I am also thankful for my family because when I had a tough day at school or someone was being rude to me, I feel that I can talk to them about my problems and they will help me make the right decision. Lastly, I am thankful for my family because they are the only people in life that will always truly love me and support me and the decisions I make for the rest of my life. That is what I am thankful for.


By Kaydence

I am thankful for family because of everything they have done for me. Then I am thankful for my school and my teachers because they are so helpful and spend their time giving us the education that we need. Then I am thankful for my friends because they are always there for me and that is something I am thankful for.


By Various students

I am thankful for... my home, family, friends and pets; for food, redbull and coffee; for vacation/holiday time; and for my teachers because they're always there for me through hard times and always give me the help I need.


By Emma

First, I am thankful for God because he died for my sins, and I am thankful for that. He created everyone I know fearfully and wonderfully, including myself. He also helps people through life and hard times. He healed the blind, he walked on water, and he created tons of beautiful people. He gave me my beautiful siblings, and the best parents in the world. He also has the best book, The Bible.


By Allison

I am thankful for the abilities that I have in life. I am thankful that I have the ability to be able to do sports like volleyball, basketball, and so on. Some kids don't have the ability to play sports because their bodies might not have enough energy, or their body might have a disease, or they might be in a hospital fighting for their life. I am grateful to have the ability to be able to read, write, walk, and be able to wake up every morning. I am thankful to be able to be learning and to comprehend things that might be difficult for my other peers to understand.


By Taryn

I'm thankful for art. I'm thank for art because you can express feelings through creativity, which is called "creative expression." You can intentionally or unintentionally disguise feelings as beautiful works of art and it's also a good use of time when you have nothing to do or you're bored. It can also give you ideas if you're in school and you're in writing class.


By Judah

One thing I'm thankful for is being an American. Just think about it, we don't have TV restrictions like China, who can only watch what their leader puts on. We're a free country and can do almost anything we want, we aren't a poor fragile country like South Sudan which is one of the worst countries to live in according to Google. We also have the right to vote and protection from deportation. Those are some reasons why I'm thankful for being an American.


By Harper

I am thankful for God, my family/friends, and my house.


By Gwendolyn

I am thankful for us all being different and unique, friends, and freedom.


By Wyatt

I am thankful for my siblings, memes 'cause they make us laugh, and water because I like anything to do with water.


By Josue

I am thankful to be a Carpenter Coyote, to spend time with friends at school and that I have the best teacher ever!


By Savannah

I am thankful for the support I feel from my family and friends and community. I feel so lucky to have a big family that all comes and supports me at my events. They never fail to show up and make me feel loved. I also appreciate the support from the community. There is always such great attendance at games and they always show up cheering us on. Burns is such a supportive town and I'm so thankful for how close and friendly everyone is.


First page of the PDF file: 20231025070524512


Chapter 1: The best part about coming back to school

By Hilda

The best part of coming back to school is that I get to learn different things.  I get to learn how to multiply, divide, how to do prefixes, opinion writing, science, paint, and play music.  You also get to be in different sports.  I like to be in different sports because you get exercise and have fun.  Sometimes you lose or win, but what I like the most is that I get to have so much fun.  Learning and sports are the best part of coming back to school.


By Various students

The best part of coming back to school is......being able to do all sorts of activities; getting to be around friends; seeing my friends and doing sports; being around my friends;  friends and sports; the sports I get to play; that you can learn and grow; definitely the football season, I think the days when I have a game or high school has a game are the days when I'm most happiest; the best part of coming back to school is that now I am in Jr High and I am more free than I have ever been in school; ag class; seeing my friends again, and doing clubs such as esports and WAC!; all the people here; seeing my friends and having new teachers.


By Levi

The best thing about returning to school for me is getting to dissect hearts, playing JH sports, and the Rockies game.

Dissecting hearts will be a lot of fun because I have been looking forward to it for a long time. Ever since I learned about it in the fourth grade I wanted to do it and now I can. I can't wait to learn about the anatomy of the heart and how it pumps blood through the body.

Playing JH sports has been lots of fun because I can be like my brother and run cross country. It also gives other kids the opportunity to try out other JH sports and learn what's best for them to do. JH sports have given a lot more opportunities for sports.

The Rockies game will be a lot of fun because I get to watch baseball and I have never been to a baseball game. I think they have good food. The class will have fun.

That is the best thing about returning to school.


By Mason

Ever wonder what the best part of returning to school is? There might be many things you can think of. These are my favorite things about returning to school this year.

I always look forward to seeing my friends at the beginning of the school year. I live way out of town on a farm so I don't really get to hang out with my friends as much as I want to. It's really great to play and talk with my friends every day.

This year I especially looked forward to being in 6th grade. We have really fun privileges like eating in class, having cool chairs, and a ton of other stuff. We also get to read to kindergartners. I have looked forward to this since the 6th graders read to me in kindergarten. Also, we get to do really cool things like dissecting hearts, have fun field trips, and at the end of the year, we have a graduation!

Finally, the last reason I was excited about coming back to school is that at the end of the year, we get to go to a Rockies game! This is a really cool tradition that I have been waiting for for a long time. It will be so fun! Plus, we get to skip the entire day of school! I just can't wait.

Those are some of the many great reasons I was thrilled to return to Pine Bluffs Elementary this year.


By Oakley

Here are a few things I love about returning to school.

Friends and teachers. I love my friends. My friends make school a lot better. I get paired with them sometimes and it's all about the little things. Getting sat next to them is a little refresher too. I know some teachers say that the whole class is your friends and buddies but sometimes that's not true. Some kids are bullies and have tons of attitude. But I'd rather be with them than any other snotty stuck up kids in the world. Teachers are cool but when you get the right one it is amazing. I have a couple amazing teachers that make my day 100% better. They are tons more fun.

Field trips make school tons of fun. There's a lot of different kinds of kids and there is a field trip that will suit each kid to an extent. There's a StarBas for the kids who love more of a hands-on math and science way to learn. There is a Rockies game for sporty kids. I could go on and on about the field trips but I won't. Being on the bus is a very good experience. Just hanging out with friends. Watching the cars go by is very therapeutic. Sports related field trips get better with time. When you start getting into junior high and high school they will just get better. They're longer and you leave school early sometimes which is a huge bonus. The competition gets even better. Everybody wants to win and they all know what's going on and what they are doing. It's just great.

The Rockies game. The Rockies game is a very awesome privilege to go to. Getting out of school and going to see a baseball game. May I say more? Imagine how expensive that all is and you a sixth grader get to go. That's some adults dream to go.

That's what I think is best about returning to school.


By Talon

The first thing I like about returning to school is seeing friends again. The reason I like seeing friends again is because we know each other and we barely have to catch up because we all relatively do the same things. I like seeing friends after summer because we get to play cause some of my friends live in the country so I can't ride my bike to their place, so when school starts I get to see them again.

Next, my favorite thing about returning to school is being above all the other grades. The reason why I like being above all the other grades this year is because first, I'm in 6th grade, second is because my younger brother goes to the school now. I also like being on top of the school is because next year I'll be at the bottom because I'll be in 7th grade.

Finally, the third reason I like being back in school is because I get to see my teachers after a long time. I get to see my favorite teacher after some time and it makes me happy because they're my favorite teachers. Enough about my favorite teacher, who's yours?


By Cooper

I like being the Carpenter Student Body President because I can make students happy. I always try to make our students happy and feel represented. I enjoy feeling like I am make Carpenter a better school.


By Ethan

The return to school has always been a bit melancholy for me but every year despite my best efforts I find myself being excited to start this next chapter of my life. Though seeing summer fade is always a sad moment, there are so many things to look forward to in a new school year. You get the chance to see your friends again, start new classes, and get back into sports. All of which are exciting things to look forward to but for me personally getting back into sports and competition has got to be the best part of coming back to school.


By Grace

Have you ever wanted to come back to school after summer break was  over? Well I have and I will tell you why. First, if you never go to school you will never be smart. For example if nobody comes to school, nobody in the world would be smart to do their job right. Then we wouldn’t have houses or food. I know some kids don’t like school but you can make new friends. If you're the only child you don’t have anybody to play with and school is the right place. Also you can have recess that's plenty of exercise and we have PE  every day so that also good for you to keep your body in shape. Next, some parents are at work all day so nobody can watch you. School is like daycare. Last but not least my favorite thing about coming back to school is seeing my friends. What is your favorite thing about coming back to school?