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 New Software Requests
If you would like to order new software of any kind, please contact the technology department before you purchase the software so we can verify that it is consistent and compatible with our network.


To request new software simple email ITSUPPORT@LARAMIE2.ORG and provide us with the following information:


Name of software

Name of Company creating software

Is the software web based or will it need to be installed

Have you contacted the Curriculum Director about the new software

Need IT help?


Lisa Horst Lisa Horst
Technology Co-Coordinator/Data Specialist

Internal Extension 4155
Telephone 307-245-4155

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Wik Rooney Wik Rooney
Technology Co-Coordinator/Network Administrator

Internal Extension 4105
Telephone 307-245-4105

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Tegan Jonson Tegan Jonson
Technology Specialist

Internal Extension 4135
Telephone 307-245-4135

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