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RFP for Food Service Operations

Request for Proposals for Management of a School Food Service Program

Notice is hereby given that Laramie County School District #2 (LCSD#2) is soliciting request for proposals to provide for the management of the district’s school food service operations. All documents and any addenda or notices related to this solicitation will be posted on this webpage.

Request for Proposal Documents

  1. Request for Proposal
  2. Request for Proposal - SFA Exhibits
  3. Request for Proposal - Contractor Exhibits


LCSD#2 will use the following timeline to select a food service management company:

Date/Time                                 Task

March 25, 2020                     Advertise Request for Proposal

April 10, 2020                            All Questions must be Submitted by 3:00 pm

April 15, 2020                            Deadline for Proposals/Proposal Opening at 3:00 pm

April 24-May 6, 2020                 Contract Negotiations

May 11, 2020                             Award of Contract by Board of Education




Further information or copies of the Request for Proposal may be obtained by writing, emailing, or calling: Misty Gallegos, Business Manager.  All questions in regards to this RFP must be submitted in writing and be received no later than 3:00 p.m. April 10,  2020.  Any responses or clarifications will be transmitted to all other prospective bidders as an Addendum. Questions may be mailed or e-mailed to the following: Misty Gallegos, Business Manager, LCSD#2, PO Box 489, 311 E. 8th Street, Pine Bluffs, WY 82082, 307-245-4050, or misty.gallegos@laramie2.org

Two copies of the proposal and an electronic copy on a flash drive must be submitted in sealed envelopes or containers marked plainly and prominently.

The proposal should be addressed to: Laramie County School District #2, Attn: Misty Gallegos, Business Manager, PO Box 489, 311 E. 8th St, Pine Bluffs, WY 82082.


Proposals are due no later than 3:00 PM, April 15, 2020. 
No proposals will be accepted after the above due date and time.


In accordance with competitive purchasing procedures the proposals will be opened at 3:00 PM, April 15, 2020.


The SFA reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to waive any "informalities" in the proposals received whenever such action, rejection, or waiver is in its best interests.


 The bidder is responsible for personally examining the job sites where work under the proposal document is to be performed.  Such visits will be scheduled through Misty Gallegos, Business Manager, LCSD#2, 307-245-4050 or misty.gallegos@laramie2.org no later than 3:00 p.m. April 10, 2020.

The SFA will accept no pleas of ignorance regarding any item in this RFP as a basis for any claim by the CONTRACTOR for extra charges or fees.



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