COVID-19 Updates (OLD)

Last Updated: 10/22/2020 7:21 PM

Update 7/9/20

Return to School Q&A

LCSD#2 has assembled some commonly asked questions to assist our patrons with the process of school reopening.  These answers are effective as of 7/9/20.  If guidelines provided by state or county health officials change, this information will be updated.

Please click here to download a copy of the School Reopening Q&A document.

1.  Are we going back to classes in the buildings or virtual classes?
We anticipate returning to classes in the buildings as we would any other year, with heightened safety precautions as directed by state and county health advisors.

2.  What is it going to look like when we open school in August?
At this time, we plan for students and staff to return to their schools/buildings in a normal capacity with additional safety precautions in place, such as frequent hand washing, sanitizing and appropriate social distancing when feasible.  Masks may be recommended in certain situations.

a.  Per the state health department, when students are in their normal classrooms, around their regular peers, the classroom becomes an extension of their family and masks are not required.  An effort should be made to social distance, but is not required.

b.  However, interaction with students in other grade levels should be minimized. 

c.  Those efforts are more easily obtained in an elementary school than in a high school.

d.  Due to the variance in our school sizes, each building could vary slightly.  A building whose largest combined group would be 30 may still be able to combine classes, where a school that may have combined groups greater than 50 would not be able to combine those classes.

e.  Homemade treats or meals for groups will not be allowed in the classrooms.  If a parent wants to provide treats or drinks for a student(s) birthday, the treats must be individually pre-packaged store-bought items.

3.  Are we wearing masks?
Due to county health requirements, masks will be required on buses in order to facilitate the transport of students. 

4.  Will secondary & elementary be on the same path/plan?

5.  If there is an issue in one school, will that affect all schools?
No.  Decisions and adjustments will be made building by building, even classroom by classroom, when/if issues arise. 

6.  Are we going to have sports?
We certainly hope so.  At this time, fall sports are scheduled to take place, adhering to county and state directives.

a.  If a game is scheduled at a location where there is an outbreak, the game will be canceled.  The cancellation will not count against either team and it will not be rescheduled. 

b.  Parents/attendees to these events may be limited per specific indoor or outdoor guidelines, depending on the sport.  Social distancing guidelines will be followed.

7.  How will you keep schools clean and safe?
Schools and district buildings will continue to be thoroughly cleaned every night and throughout the day.  Additional efforts made towards sanitizing will continue.

8.  What if I don’t want to come back?  How will you provide an education to me?
At this time, we are working closely with other school districts that have established online learning programs to determine what would work best for our students.

a.  If a student chooses to attend a virtual program facilitated by a district, they would still be considered part of our district and could participate in activities through our district, meaning students cannot use this as a means of changing their home area school to participate in sports or other activities for another school.  Costs through WHSAA are $100 per family plus $7 per student. 

9.  What will you do to make up for time lost last spring?


Students who need extra assistance are encouraged to enroll in Jump Start, which is scheduled for July 20 – August 6.  MAP testing will be performed at the beginning of the school year.  Results will drive each student’s needs.  For those who need extra assistance, Friday school is available and those hours will be lengthened if there is a need.


10.  What drives your decision-making process?
There are many factors that the district must take into consideration.  The district is obligated to follow the guidance of the State and County health officials.  From there, the district will be able to make decisions on how to adhere to those guidelines and what the costs and ramifications will be for various scenarios.  First and foremost, the decisions made will always be geared for the health and safety of our students and staff.  There are several links we follow closely to monitor the ever-changing status of events:

11.  How are you going to communicate what is going on?
Information will be distributed through multiple feeds to include the district website, district social media (Twitter & Facebook) and district all-calls from Superintendent Abrams.

12.  How will sick individuals be identified?
Students and staff who feel ill will be checked by a school nurse for temperature and symptoms.

**There should be a heightened awareness by parents and staff regarding their own health and that of their children.  Everyone needs to monitor any possible symptoms and if they are not feeling well they should not go out in public. 

13.  What are the protocols for dealing with sick students and staff?

a.  The district is obligated to notify the county health department if any positive COVID-19 cases are identified.  The county health department will dictate how the district responds.

b.  If students exhibit symptoms, including any temperature over 100 degrees, they will be separated from other students (including other sick students) to await parent/guardian pick up.  If a students’ temperature is 100 degrees or more at home, the student should NOT be sent to school.

c.  The district does not have the ability to test for COVID-19.  Students and staff will be sent home if symptoms are detected and referred to their medical professional.

14.  How are you going to deal with transportation?
Transportation will be provided by regular bus routes.  Based on county health requirements and the inability to social distance, students will be required to wear face masks while on the bus.  Buses will also be equipped with hand sanitizer that each student will need to utilize upon boarding the bus.  If parents do not want their students to wear masks, they have the option of transporting their student(s) directly to school themselves.

15.  How will you maintain social distancing in the schools, particularly in elementary lunch rooms & at recess?
a.  Students will not be allowed to enter the buildings prior to the required times for staff to report, which is 7:30 am.  Students should not be dropped off earlier than that time.  When students arrive, they will need to report directly to their classroom. 

b.  Masks will not be required in the classrooms.

c.  Breakfast/nutrition breaks will be provided in the same manner as prior years.

d.  Every effort will be made to maintain social distance whenever possible.  However, the district understands how challenging that can be for children.  Groups will be kept to, or under, the guidelines as directed.  As noted previously, guidance is that students and staff  sharing the same classroom daily are considered an extension of family. 

e.  Recess will be limited to the small groups/grade levels that students are already in daily contact with.

f.  Additional hand washing and cleanliness will be emphasized.

g.  Lunches will look different in each of the schools based on their numbers and space available. Larger schools may need to split lunches and some students may need to take their lunches back to their classrooms.  Salad bars and share tables have to be discontinued until further notice.  Schools are in the process of developing lunch plans based on their size.

h.  At end of day dismissal, parents picking up students should wait outside the doors (maintaining social distance) or in their vehicles for the student(s) to come out.

16.  How will schools support the mental health of students and staff and combat any stigma towards those who have been sick?
Counselors are available at each of the schools for students and staff in need.  The district also partners with outside resource providers if there is a need.  Stigma can be combatted through educating students and staff.  No students or staff names will be disclosed if an individual is diagnosed positive.

17.  How will the school provide child nutrition?
Meals will continue to be provided in the schools as they would be in a typical year.

18.  Will the public be notified if there is a case in one of our buildings?
Confirmed cases will be reported to county health officials.  Names are not disclosed.  Students, staff and parents of buildings affected will be notified regarding what directives the health officials provide.

19.  If you close down a building for a short period, what will education look like?
If a building is directed to close for a minimal time, such as a couple of days, homework would be assigned.  If a classroom or building is directed to close for a longer time, such as a couple of weeks, structured online learning would be implemented.  Administrators are in the process of creating a structured online learning program, in the event it is needed.

20.  What will be the expectations of parents/guests when they come to the school?
All safety protocols will be followed for volunteers/guests as they would be for staff.  Those wanting to visit a school should contact that school in advance.  In order to ensure the safety of our students and staff, we would like to limit the number of visitors entering the buildings.

Update 4/28/20

Secondary Grading Guidelines

  • For semester 2/quarter 4, course grades for secondary students will default to the letter grade earned unless the student and parents request the final course grade be reported as a ‘Pass’ grade, rather than a letter grade.
  • Students with a 60% or better for the course at the end of the semester are eligible to choose ‘Pass’ as their final grade.  Students need to consider how choosing the ‘Pass’ grade might impact future decisions.  For example, the University of Wyoming and LCCC will not use ‘Pass’ grades in calculating grade point averages for this semester.   However, LCSD #2 will use the student’s actual letter grade for the course when calculating grade point averages for determining valedictorian, salutatorians, etc. 
  • Students who do not turn in enough work to result in a D or better have the choice to take an incomplete and will then need to work with the teacher, parents, and school counselor to establish a timeline to submit assignments in order to reach a D.
  • Students who do not complete enough work to earn a D or better, even after additional time was provided, will fail the course.  A meeting with the student, parents and the school counselor will be scheduled to establish a plan for repeating the course.

Click here to download a printable copy

Update 4/23/20

In light of the Governor’s press conference held this afternoon, we will continue to follow our adaptive learning plan for the remainder of this school year. We understand that the adaptive learning plan is very different from what our students and parents are used to. However, I would like to reiterate the importance of students staying engaged and completing the work. Teachers are available for you to contact for questions or assistance. If you have concerns, please contact the teachers first, however you are always welcome to contact the building principals or myself if issues are not resolved. We appreciate the effort that our students, staff and parents are making during this difficult time.

Graduation will be held on the 17th. It will be different than we had hoped for, but it will be a special and memorable day.

Free curbside meals for all children under 18 will continue to be offered at our elementary locations for the remainder of the school year. 

We are very concerned about the mental health of our students and staff. If you know of someone that is struggling, please reach out to them. If you are struggling, please reach out to a trusted friend. Feel free to call your teachers, building principals, counselors, or anyone you feel could be supportive at this difficult time.

I wish you the very best as we finish out this school year.

Update 4/17/20

I hope everyone is doing well, staying healthy and continuing to follow the social distancing guidelines.  It seems hard to do when our state’s case numbers are not seeing the huge leaps that other states are, but it can definitely be attributed to everyone’s efforts to keep their distance and keep it under control.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all of the hard work our staff is putting in.  There is a wide variety of challenges that every staff member, student and household is facing every day.  With everyone’s flexibility, guidance and hard work, we will persevere.

RT Communications is working hard to provide internet for students with the need and to provide upgrades for current staff members who are customers.  The student lists were provided in early April and the staff lists were provided at the beginning of this week.  If anyone is still having issues, student or staff, please reach out to the district office and we will keep working with RT to get everyone taken care of that they can.  I understand that we have staff and students who live in areas that RT Communications does not cover.  If you reach out to the local provider for your area and let them know that you are a student or teacher in need, I believe the majority of providers signed the FCC Agreement in order to be able to service those individuals at no cost.

The high schools are working hard to put together plans for our 2020 graduations.  They WILL happen!  They will certainly be different than any traditional past graduations, and probably future ones, but they will still be special and memorable for our graduates.  Once plans are in place, they will be announced.

Here is also some great information and links that we received from the Wyoming School Boards Association this week:


  • As of today, 39.2% of Wyomingites have responded to the 2020 Census. The current deadline for households to respond is August 14, 2020. The 2020 Census can be taken online by phone or by mail.


  • Gaining momentum: Even with the school closures, we are finding ways to connect with students, parents, and the community about all of the things schools are doing for Wyoming kids. Our Ignite Wyoming Facebook page links to some great stories from Laramie 1, Fremont 2, and Natrona. We are inviting school/district leaders, educators, board members, parents, students, and the community at large to submit short video clips about their favorite teacher(s), favorite school memory, favorite aspect of school, etc. You can see an example from a student at CY Middle School in Casper. Video clips can be submitted via email directly to me. And don't forget to share good news about the ways you and your schools are addressing the needs of students during this extraordinary time. I personally have been blown away to learn about the ways Wyoming school districts are going not just the extra mile, but an extra 100+ miles to provided the best services possible to all students. The survey results linked above are a great example of that.
  • Logo competition: As a reminder, the Ignite Wyoming logo contest is being extended and the deadline is now May 1, 2020. So far we have received 22 submissions from Sweetwater 1, Campbell 1, Fremont 1, and Lincoln 2. It is exciting to see this level of participation! 
  • Spread the word: It is apparent from the submissions we've received - whether they are video clips, good news stories, or logo designs - that you are getting the word out about Ignite Wyoming. We really appreciate that and are excited to see what the next several weeks bring. I know these past few weeks haven't been easy, and sharing information like this can feel like one more thing on your already very full plates. So it is with a lot of gratitude and sincerity that we say THANK YOU for helping us celebrate Wyoming public schools, even during such challenging times.

If you would like to contribute success stories, meaningful events or there are students that want to participate in the logo contest, there is still time.  Have fun with it!

Update 4/1/20 

The District has submitted our Adaptive Learning Plan to the Wyoming Department of Education as required.  Adjustments will be made if requested by WDE, otherwise implementation is already taking place so we can stay on track.  As previously mentioned, as long as we follow our approved Plan we will finish out the school year as scheduled.

Unfortunately, the pandemic will affect every single person in one way or another.  No one’s year is turning out to be the way they thought or planned it to be.  Our students are no exception.  With the continued closure extensions to service establishments, school facilities and maintaining social distances, our traditional proms will need to be cancelled.  If someone chooses to put together some form of virtual prom, that is completely acceptable, but obviously no group gatherings will be able to happen.  Nothing has been determined regarding how graduations will be handled yet as it is still too early to know what’s to come. 

As with everything else, programs will evolve as we learn and adapt to what is or is not working, or may help in efficiency.  There will be changes to our food service schedule starting next week.  We will transition to handing out meals two days per week, rather than 5 days per week.  We will still provide enough meals for all five days.  Pick-ups can be made at all of the same locations but will now only take place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 am – 11 am.  If you know of any families that are unable to make these time windows, please contact your school(s) or let Stacy Jenkins know so she and the food service team can work with these families to ensure they are taken care of.

“These are hard times.  That’s what these days are, all right, hard times.”  But “These hard times won’t last forever.” 

Update 3/31/20

We continue to work on devising a plan for the delivery of education materials to our students and should have those methods rolled out within the next couple of days.  As a reminder, if you/your student have not spoken with your/your student’s teacher yet regarding access and preference for exchanging education materials, please reach out to your school or teacher as soon as possible.  Otherwise, there is no new information to provide today. 

Update 3/30/20

Per orders from Governor Gordon and the Wyoming Department of Health, school facility restrictions have been extended through April 17th.  Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow has issued guidance for school districts’ safe, but continued, operation during the extended closure.  “School doors may be closed to students, but Wyoming education is open for business,” Balow said. “The desire by teachers to connect with their students and provide learning opportunities has been inspiring. Teaching and learning while practicing social distancing is a new concept for many. Teachers, parents, and students all need support in order for it to be successful.” 

Every Wyoming school district is required to have an Adaptive Learning Plan in place for continued education, state funding, and to meet the required teaching and learning days.  It is imperative that we stay focused and on track in order to complete our school year on schedule.  As noted in Superintendent Abrams’ All Call last week, distance learning began today.  Students are expected to participate in class work daily and be in close communication regularly with their instructors.  If you have not been in contact with your/your students’ teacher yet, please reach out to them as soon as possible.  Teachers will work with students and parents on their requested method for providing educational materials, whether that be through electronic methods or paper packet methods. 

Since we are staying on track with state requirements through our distance education, Spring break will still take place as scheduled, from April 10th- 13th.  Meals will still be served on the 10th and 13th to any youth 18 and under who needs them.

Update 3/26/20

Correction regarding Pine Bluffs Elementary: computer pick up times today are 8 am - 4 pm as noted in the All Call.

For all schools, as noted in the website update 3/25: Computer pick up schedules today & tomorrow are ONLY for those students who responded to teacher contacts last week. If you did not respond previously or changed your mind, reach out to your school(s) directly to make arrangements.

Please take note that just as schools are closed for student safety, so are the playgrounds and facilities.

Playgrounds as sources of infection:

Coronavirus can be transmitted when mucus droplets from a sneeze or cough go airborne and from droplets that land on surfaces. Studies show that without disinfection, the virus persists on some surfaces for days, meaning the neighborhood jungle gym or basketball hoop is a potential source of infection.

Coronavirus in the air remains viable for up to three hours, according to research by a consortium of infectious disease experts recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Another source Al-Agba cites indicates the virus can live on plastic and stainless steel for up to three days, and it lingers on wood, glass and paper for four to five days.…/coronavirus-affects-…/2901903001/

The Kindergarten screening that was scheduled to take place at Burns Elementary School on 3/20 had to be cancelled.  If a date is rescheduled it will be posted.


Update 3/25/20

Schools have begun distributing computers to those students that indicated a need in order to facilitate their temporary distance learning.  If your family designated a need when contacted by teachers, the distribution schedule is as follows.  You will need to go to each of your student(s) school(s) to check out their devices.  We do NOT have a schedule or further information YET regarding internet for those households that designated a need.  That information will be distributed as it becomes available. 

When picking up computers, please be prudent.  Maintain safe distances from other people and staff.  Do not congregate in groups! Where able, most schools will try to facilitate checkouts outside of the building.  If students need access to personal belongings inside of the school, no more than ten individuals will be allowed inside of the buildings at any time and will be monitored to ensure social distancing is maintained.  The school nurses will be at the high schools checking students’ wellness prior to allowing them in the schools.  Neither parents or students should come if they have any signs of illness. 

Please speak directly with your schools if you are unable to check out computers during the designated times to make other arrangements.  If no one answers, please leave a message and someone will get back to you.

  • Albin Elementary – Thursday, 3/26, & Friday, 3/27 - 9 am – 11 am
  • Burns Elementary – Thursday, 3/26 – 8 am – 12:30 pm
  • Burns High School – Thursday, 3/26, & Friday, 3/27 – staggered times
    • 7-8th grade:  8 am – 9 am
    • 9-10th grade:  9 am – 10 am
    • 11 – 12th grade:  10 am – 11 am
  • Carpenter Elementary – Friday, 3/27 – 1 pm – 3 pm
  • Pine Bluffs Elementary – Thursday, 3/26 – 8 am – 12:30 pm
  • Pine Bluffs High School – Thursday, 3/26 – 8 am – 12 pm OR Friday, 3/27 – 1 pm – 4 pm

Update 3/20/20

Update from Superintendent Abrams:

After a week of our schools being closed, there are still a lot of unanswered questions.  We hope the answers to many of those questions will start coming the first of next week.  Specifically, we hope to know more about state testing and when we may be able to return to regular school day.  Our administrators and staff are working on formalizing a plan to provide a non-traditional school experience to our students.  We anticipate implementing that plan beginning on March 30th and we will continue to follow that plan if we are not able to return to school on April 6th.  Later next week, staff will be contacting students and parents to explain what this process will look like.  

I am meeting with the Department of Education and Health Department on a regular basis to make sure we are providing a safe and appropriate educational experience for students and staff in this very challenging time. 

Please remember that we will begin a free youth feeding program starting Monday March 23rd.  For more information regarding this program, please click here.

If at any time, you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call the district office at 307-245-4050 or your individual schools. 

Update 3/19/20

Governor Mark Gordon announced the launch of a state government webpage that will provide resources and information on the COVID-19 outbreak.

The webpage may be viewed at

“We want to offer a single location to share information and resources from multiple state agencies as we respond to this pandemic,” Governor Gordon said.

The page includes links to resources and information from the Wyoming Department of Health, the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, the Wyoming Department of Education, the University of Wyoming and the state’s community colleges. It also offers information to assist impacted businesses and workers, as well as a link to updates from the CDC 

The page will be updated regularly with further resources and new information as it becomes available.

Update 3/18/20

  • Parents should expect to receive a call from their students’ teacher over the next couple of days.  They will be collecting information to assist the District in providing support for our students to prepare for learning opportunities, meal service opportunities and to facilitate students who may need to collect personal items or learning tools from their schools.
  • Currently only ACT testing scheduled in Burns for March 24th has been postponed.  Once a date is re-scheduled, we will communicate that information.  If any of the other dates change that will also be communicated.
  • Please note that the District Office doors have been locked since Monday and will continue to be through April 5th.  We will be completely closed to all staff for the remainder of the week.  After that, central staff will be working via non-traditional methods through April 3rd.  Phone messages will be checked periodically, however please expect a delay in responses. 
  • We will continue to post updates and information through our District website, and District Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Update 3/17/20

LCSD#2 Youth Feeding Program

Due to the COVID-19 school closure, Laramie County School District #2 will be hosting a FREE youth feeding program that will run weekdays starting Monday March 23 through Friday, April 3, at each of the locations listed below. The program is available for any child age 18 and below.

You may pick up FREE youth breakfast and lunch meals between either 8am – 10am or 11:00 am - 12:30 pm using a drive-through process. Please remain in your car and let the server know how many meals are needed for the youth in your household. A decision regarding continuation of this program will be made on Thursday, April 2, 2020, and will depend on whether schools will be open after this time. All updates will be posted on our website.

Hygiene items will also be available for students in need at these same locations.

You may pick up meals at ANY of the locations listed below:

  • Albin Elementary School - double doors on the West side of the building - look for the table 
  • Burns Elementary School - Parent drop off loop at the front of the building. Table will be set up by the South Gym Entrance doors.
  • Carpenter Elementary School - Behind the building, follow gravel drive around the building exiting on the East side
  • Pine Bluffs Elementary School - parent drop off loop in front of building close to the kitchen. Look for the table set up.

Update 3/16/20

After consulting with public health, state and local officials, we determined it was in the best interest of our student and staff welfare to follow the closure recommendations made by Governor Gordon and state Superintendent Balow.  At this time, all District #2 schools will be closed and activities suspended through April 3, 2020.  As events progress over the coming days and weeks, we will communicate with families about any future decisions as they are made.

While some districts are transitioning to remote and online learning, at this time we will not have any formal distance-learning activities.  This approach does not allow for equitable access and experiences for all of our students, which is a federally mandated requirement.  Students who are interested in receiving extra assistance in problem subject areas, or would like additional learning activities during the closure, should reach out to their teachers.  Also, if students are interested in other optional learning activities while out of class, please check in to this link of free resources.

The District is working with the Department of Education to develop a means to provide breakfast and lunch services for students.  Any costs would be the same as their current meal status of free, reduced or paid.  More information will be provided as it becomes available.

We ask that all staff, students and family members be conscientious in their efforts to initiate preventative measures.  Everyone should follow the CDC guidelines of social distancing and avoiding large groups, increased hygiene efforts by washing hands thoroughly and frequently, staying home as much as possible, especially if sick, and covering a cough or sneeze with a sleeve or tissue.  If you have any medical questions or concerns our school nurse, Kay Dersham, will still be available by phone Monday through Thursday, 8 am to 3:30 pm, by calling 307.245.4166.  Please leave a message if there is no answer and Mrs. Dersham will get back to you as soon as possible.

Students and families may also have a heightened level of stress and anxiety at this time.  School counselors will still be available.  Please call the District office for referrals.  The following resources may also be helpful for support:

  • The National Association of School Psychologists

  • PBS

There are many community resources in our area ready to assist students and families who may need assistance with food, clothing, housing, or medical attention. Please refer to our Community Resources page under the menu "Students & Families" for more information or click here.  In addition, all LCSD#2 schools have personal hygiene supplies, such as toothpaste, on hand for students. Please talk to the school nurse or District office for assistance.

At this time there are still many unanswered questions and the District will be following recommendations from the State.  As more information is received we will continue to post updates.  Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions or concerns.

Jon Abrams
LCSD#2 Superintendent 


Update 3/15/20

Governor Gordon and State Superintendent Jillian Balow issue a recommendation on school closures.

Click here to view memo

Update 3/13/20

A conference call was held with the State Superintendent and all District Superintendents. Key points are as follows:

  • The best decisions are made at the  local level.
  • At this time, the state is not calling for any school closures.
  • Local school leaders in partnership with their local medical professionals will monitor the situation and make decisions as needs change.

Here is our current situation:

  • We have been in contact with our local medical professionals.  We have been advised not to have any gatherings of large groups, 250 or more.  For that reason we are going to take the following precautions:
    • Neither students nor staff will be attending any school related activities or events outside of the district.
    • Spring sports will continue to practice, but will not attend any track meets until further notice.
    • This also applies to any other youth sports or programs that travel outside of the district, such as wrestling and volleyball programs, or any other groups that meet after school.

As a reminder, this is a very fluid situation, with changes occurring daily and sometimes hourly.  We will continue to keep you posted, with our next update to be Monday afternoon unless something changes between now and then.

Also received this afternoon:

WHSAA COVID-19 UPDATE – Ron Laird, WHSAA Commissioner

The WHSAA Board of Directors, representing the 72 members schools in Wyoming, is issuing the following guidance as we proceed with our school activities.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the WHSAA has suspended all extracurricular activities statewide, beginning Monday, March 16th through at least March 28, 2020, with schools having the option to extend the timeline should they choose.

The 3A/4A State Basketball Tournament will not take place this year. We understand the tremendous disappointment this decision is for our student athletes, especially our seniors, but please realize that we must be a responsible state organization and that our highest priority is ensuring the safety of our students, schools and communities.

Spring sport practices will be allowed at the discretion of each school district. The WHSAA staff will continue to work diligently with the state entities that are experts in this area and follow their guidance as we proceed in determining the best course of action with the remainder of the spring activities. We encourage all our schools to do the same with their local and county experts.

We appreciate your patience and support of our students as we work through this complex situation.

Update 3/12/20

Laramie County School District #2 crisis team is taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our students and staff.  The COVID-19 situation is very fluid and we will continue to monitor and make changes as needed and directed by the Wyoming Department of Health.  Daily updates will be made and posted to our website and social media.

Currently we are implementing increased efforts to mitigate the transmission of any viral illnesses. 

  • All out of district travel for students/groups will be suspended until further notice.  In district travel will still be permitted.
  • School busses will be sanitized twice per day after each unloading.
  • Drivers will be vigilant for any students who appear sick and will notify the school office and the Transportation Director upon unloading students.  Office staff/School Nurses will check students for temperatures and illness symptoms.  Parents have previously been directed to keep students home if they have a temperature of 100 degrees or higher.
  • Some food services will be limited to alleviate possible transmission routes.  Share tables will be suspended until further notice, and salad bar items will be served by food service staff on the line, rather than available on the self-serve salad carts. Breakfast in the classroom will still be provided, however teachers will be vigilant for any students who appear ill and will hand out bags rather than allow students to pull them out themselves.
  • High use areas such as doors and door handles will be disinfected regularly throughout the day.
  • Classroom desks will be disinfected daily in elementary schools, or more if students change classrooms, and between classes for high school students. 
  • Elementary students will be directed to wash their hands well before and after recess, PE and lunch.
  • Classrooms will suspend the use of shared items such as shared pencil boxes.  Manipulatives will be cleaned between uses.
  • Students and staff need to be conscientious about keeping their computers and Chromebooks clean.
  • Any major events that we are unable to hold traditionally, we will make every effort to televise.
  • At the current time classes will be held as scheduled.

To reiterate, this is a very fluid situation and things can rapidly change and we will keep everyone updated.

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Coronavirus, influenza and various viral respiratory illnesses are currently in the news and thus public concern is growing.  Our school district wants you to know that we are staying apprised of the fluent situation, reviewing and updating protocols if needed and taking every precaution to ensure the safety of all students and staff members.  Our district is collaborating with state and local health departments while closely monitoring the recent threat of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).


Below will find links for factual information from the CDC regarding the coronavirus, including actions to take if you become ill or suspect you have the virus.  Please review these in order to be well informed and prepared. 


In addition, our district will be observing the following guidelines as we move forward during this evolving health situation:

  • All students with a temperature of 100.0 F or greater will be sent home and will not be readmitted to school until they are fever free (without medications) for a full 48 hours.
  • Clearance from a medical provider will not be required at this time to return to school; however, we ask that parents be diligent in their determination of their child’s readiness to return.  Please be considerate of others and remain home while symptoms persist.
  • In the event of a declared pandemic, the school district may revisit the need for medical clearance for students to return to school following severe illness.
  • If your child presents with a fever of 100.0 F or greater and it persists beyond 24 hours, we recommend that you take them to your medical provider for evaluation.  With the current threat of severe illness (whether influenza or coronavirus), prompt medical attention can increase the chance for a full recovery.
  • If your child is pushing against the maximum 10-day absence limit, please stay in daily contact with your school and keep your child home if they meet the above restrictions.

Thank you for your help in protecting the health and wellness of all students, staff and patrons in our district.  We will continue to keep all groups informed as we have more information.


Nursing Staff and Administration of LCSD#2



CDC COVID-19 What To Know

CDC COVID-19 What To Do



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Developed by the CDC, the online reference below includes an overview of and guidance for addressing COVID-19. This site will be updated as more information becomes available, so check it often for the most recent guidance.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Situation Summary


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