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Albin Elementary staff members are dedicated to supporting students on their educational journey.  We will continue to work with parents to implement high expectations for academic achievement and student conduct while having a lot of fun along the way. We look forward to continuing a long-standing tradition of excellent and captivating learning opportunities.


The Albin School Community knows that there are no shortcuts when it comes to success in academics and life. With the use of innovative technology and inspiring instruction, students have unique opportunities to acquire the academic knowledge and skills that will prepare them for competitive high schools, colleges, and successful futures.


Please feel free to discuss the Character Strengths and Corresponding Behaviors with the child or children in your life. Positive reinforcement of these behaviors at home is greatly appreciated. Parents certainly are the most important people in their children’s lives. You have a powerful impact on your child’s education and social development. We appreciate you!

Character Strengths and Corresponding Behaviors


Albin Elementary School focuses our efforts on the development of seven highly predictive strengths.

 Character Strengths


- Finishes whatever s/he begins

- Sticks with a project or activity for more than a few weeks

- Tries very hard even after experiencing failure

- Stays committed to goals

- Keeps working hard even when s/he feels like quitting



 - Actively participates

- Shows enthusiasm

- Approaches new situations with excitement and energy



 School Work

- Comes to class prepared

- Remembers and follows directions

- Gets to work right away instead of waiting until the last minute

- Pays attention and resists distractions



 - Remains calm even when criticized or otherwise provoked

- Allows others to speak without interrupting

- Is polite to adults and peers

- Keeps temper in check



- Believes that effort will improve his/her future

- When bad things happen, s/he thinks about things to make it better next time

- Stays motivated, even when things do not go well

- Believes that s/he can improve on things they are not good at yet



- Recognizes what other people do for them

- Shows appreciation for opportunities

- Expresses appreciation by saying thank you

- Does something nice for someone else as a way of saying thank you



- Is able to find solutions during conflicts with others

- Shows that s/he cares about the feelings of others

- Adapts to different social situations



- Is eager to explore new things

 Asks questions to help s/he learn better

- Takes an active interest in learning

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