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Bobby Dishman

Bobby Dishman


It is truly my honor to serve as Principal of Burns JR/SR High School.  I am beginning my 25th year in education, with 15 of those being a classroom teacher.  As I embark on my 25th year, sixth here at BHS, I wanted to share my personal and professional goals for Burns Jr/SR High School.  We want, first and foremost, to provide the best educational experience possible for ALL of our students because we believe ALL students are able to learn at high levels! 


Burns JR/SR High School is not just "my school", it is OUR school and in order for us serve our community we must collectively commit as a staff to ensuring that ALL students are able to learn at high levels.  In order to achieve that goal we must collectively commit to the following:

     1) We are collectively committed to continuing and building a strong tradition of success at BHS

     2) We are collectively committed to ALL students’ academic, athletic and emotional success

     3) We are collectively committed to celebrating our student and staff success

     4) We are collectively committed to creating a safe, caring and positive environment for ALL students


In addition to the above commitments, our staff is embracing the Professional Learning Community (PLC) process.  The process is based around four essential questions for each unit and each lesson.  The four essential questions are:

  1. What do the students need to know and be able to do?
  2. How will it be assessed (tested)?
  3. What we will do for those that DID NOT get it?
  4. What we will do for those that got it?


I feel very fortunate to be the Principal of Burns JR/SR High School and look forward to the upcoming 2021-2022 school year!  Please feel free to contact us at any time as we, I, look forward to serving the Laramie County School District #2 and BHS.


Regards – 


Bobby Dishman

Office: (307) 245 - 4100

Fax: (307) 459 - 6039





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